Genuine Generosity

sometimes we miss the chance for generosity.

There are different reasons: time, energy, or a lack of knowing who or how to help. All of these roadblocks are preventing us from being able to experience the true joy of being generous.

THE BIG GIVE exists to help remove all the hurdles keeping you from being able to help those in need.


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This year, as we prepare for THE BIG GIVE, God has really put on our hearts the need to care for the women in our community. We have identified three local nonprofit organizations who continually serve women in need, in unique ways that no other organizations are assisting with.

These local nonprofits serve widows, single mothers, and survivors of sex trafficking by providing services that care not just for their physical needs, but also for their heart and mind.


We are excited to partner with these three nonprofits for The Big Give 2022.

  • Aggieland Pregnancy Outreach

  • Hope Gathering

  • Unbound


Pray for the leaders, staff, and volunteers of these nonprofits, for their endurance and encouragement on the difficult days as they care for women in need. Pray for our local community and church, that we would be generous with our time and our finances, showing the love of Jesus.

Would you join with us for five days of devotionals?

We invite you to partner with us in volunteering with our local nonprofit partnerships:


Aggieland Pregnanacy Outreach

The main focus of APO is around mentoring pregnant moms to support them through raising their child and/or going through the adoption process.

Hope Gathering

HOPE Gathering desires to come alongside hurting widows bringing comfort, encouragement, community, hope and purpose to their journey.


Unbound Bryan College Station activates local communities to fight human trafficking through prevention and awareness, professional training and survivor advocacy in the Brazos Valley.

Stories of Life Change

right here in the Bryan/College Station Area

Aggieland Pregnancy Outreach

“Aracely was 15. She says that when she found out she was pregnant, she would lay in bed at night thinking about suicide. But God had other plans. She was about 37 weeks pregnant when she first came to The Mama Club. At first she was leery of the APO staff, Mentor Moms, and Aggie Young Life leaders, but her caution faded over time as the team continually showered her with unconditional love. 

We have had the joy of watching her blossom over the past two and a half years. She has graduated from Rudder High School. Her two year old son, Stevan, even had a mini-graduation cap and gown to wear on the big day. She plans to attend Blinn and continue nurturing and loving her son well. And the best news? She gave her life to Jesus.

She is one of 130 girls, 20 guys, and 91 babies currently in our outreach program to teen parents. Whether they choose adoption or parenting, they all need to experience the love of Christ.”

Hope Gathering

“I was not in the season of old age when I became a widow, I was 18 days shy of my 51st birthday. I found myself isolated. I didn’t fit into the circles of older widows. I also no longer fit with my friends who were still couples. I felt alone.

As I struggled with my new reality and the need I desperately had to connect with another woman who understood the pain of what I was walking through, I realized there was no structure in place to find those women.  

I began to connect with a couple of other women similar in age who had lost their husbands; we were more of acquaintances at that point, but the bond of loss quickly put down deep relational roots. We saw the need around us to connect others who were traveling the same journey. 

We have watched the Lord do something so miraculous over the past six years. Our desire is for women everywhere to experience this type of community.” -Tami Glasco


Within seven days Unbound Bryan College Station received 9 referrals of sex trafficking clients that needed assistance. These 9 individuals had an average age of only 16 years old. Two of the girls had run away from a group home to spend time with a man one met on the internet. Abusers often utilize social media to develop connections with their victims and convince them to meet in person. These minor girls were then taken advantage of by the adult male once they connected in person. One of Unbound’s staff Advocates met the girls on-scene to provide emotional support, victim response bags, and helped them navigate all the services they needed to report the abuse and return to a safe place. Our Advocate made sure that the girls felt safe once recovered and gave the girls tools to stay safe from exploitation in the future. The girls are now back in a safe placement and will continue to receive advocacy services to help them heal.




100% of all donations to The Big Give will be given away and make an incredible impact in our community.

Brazos Fellowship Kids, Youth, and College ministries are also hosting a donation drive for Aggieland Pregnancy Outreach on Sundays in November, or shop their Amazon wishlist here.
Genuine Generosity